Baseball Performance



– 90min to 2 hours in length.

– First, we’ll ask you about your performance history, injury and medical history, and get insights from mom & dad or your coach (if present).

– Next is the BASE-3 Examination: a Baseball Pitcher Specific Total-Body Orthopedic examination. We will make you move, and we will move you. We look closely at your flexibility and mobility. We will find your weakened areas, and movements with poor control that are killing your velocity, giving you poor command and predisposing you to injury–whether you know it or not!

– This is the real eye-opener:  You will receive a verbal, detailed explanation of the results. We will discuss how your current status impairs your performance, and once corrected how it will unleash your full potential, and make you a more marketable and explosive player.

– You will be specifically shown 2-3 strength, flexibility or control exercises for remediation of your most important problem(s).

– You will be given bands or other tools (when necessary) to complete these exercises (FREE of charge)

– You will receive a copy of the examination results via email, so you can take to your strength coach, pitching coach, etc. for a total program development.

– You will be presented with an option to work in-house with Dr. Chris McKenzie, to get hands-on manual treatment–> the fastest way to get where you want to go. 

– Dr. McKenzie is now your team member.  You will have email access to Dr. McKenzie for any questions you and your coaches may have when you leave.

– Once you have successfully corrected your problem areas (re-assessment needed to confirm), you will have a true ‘fertile ground,’ a solid foundation for any other services you wish (strength and conditioning, pitching coach, etc.) to flourish.

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Why get a total body exam for your son or daughter? 

The Pitcher Performance Exam is right for you if you want to:

  • finally keep your pitches consistent and repeatable so that you can strike hitters out at will.
  • uncover and learn how-to strengthen every “weak” area on your body so that you can pitch with maximum velocity.
  • expose and fix your uniquely tight areas so that you can pitch without injury, and stay on the mound all season long.
  • develop your unique off season and in-season routines so that you can increase strength, throw harder, gain flexibility, and become more explosive.
  • have the best chance at getting to the next level of baseball or recruited to a more competitive team.

I get it!  I understand the pressure you’re feeling.

As a parent, you want the very best for your child. You want to get them on the best team, so they can receive the best coaching and maximize their potential for the future. You want them to have fun and stay injury free.

You want to throw harder, and hit your ‘spots’ with better consistency. Perhaps other professionals haven’t helped you or fell short of achieving your goals.  If you haven’t heard my story, please take 2 minutes and read it—-it’s eye opening and I’m sure we have a lot in common.

There are 20+ items/areas of focus that make up the Pitcher Performance Exam. The act of throwing is a total body movement, and it just happens to be the most violent, fastest motion in sports.  If any one of the areas on the body that help produce a throwing motion are limited, it creates strain and stress on other areas—because they have to ‘pick up the slack.’

This overload of strain and stress will eventually lead to breakdown, lower throwing velocities, and poor consistency.  If you assume your child is fine, you are taking a big gamble.  Players get ‘out-of-whack’ after just one day of throwing, and they need to learn how to manage their bodies if they aspire to play with the best no matter how young.

I see players with injuries every day. It pains me to examine them, and uncover an issue that could have been easily fixed long ago. Had it been, they would have kept climbing their road to success & stayed happy.  Now, their mental state is a hindrance on their performance, and getting back to their prior level is very challenging even for the most talented of players. I’ve seen it–this CAN be avoided.

“It is unwise to place more performance on an already dysfunctional system.”  (think leaning tower of Pisa)  

Like building a house, the Pitcher Performance Exam is meant to provide the foundation or fertile ground that every player needs to truly unlock their full potential. Once the foundation is set you can start to build upwards from that stable base.  Only at this time can you truly expect your efforts with velocity programs (like weighted balls, long tossing, mechanical changes, etc.) to actually improve AND maintain your performance.

The Pitcher Performance Exam is just that; it allows the improvement of throwing velocity, creates better command and consistency, and significantly reduces the chance of injury in the baseball player. This will turn the heads of those looking to bring the best players onto their team.

Let us help give you the confidence to throw harder, perform better and help you get where you want to go.

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Why get a total body exam for your son or daughter?