Sports Massage Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Sports Massage in Philadelphia, PA

Massage therapy is a wonderful complement to any physical therapy treatment program. Massage not only feels great but can greatly aid your recovery. At McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy, we offer various types of sports massage to help our patients safely heal more rapidly than without it. 

How Does Medical Massage Therapy Help in Injury Recovery?

Medical assage is different from traditional Swedish massage. While both feel great, medical massage uses deeper pressure to work out muscle tension and assist in injury recovery. Massage increases blood and oxygen flow in the areas it is applied. Pain decreases and healing hastens when muscles have the right amount of oxygen, blood flow, and nutrients. Massage also helps improve lymph flow and toxin removal. Lymph is a colorless fluid that removes waste and toxins from the body. Poor lymph drainage can result in inflammation, aches, tightness, and even infection. Massage also helps reduce inflammation, which is critical for healthy healing. 

We are pleased to offer the following massage therapy treatments and modalities:

Sports Massage Therapy

This type of massage focuses on joint mobilization and joint manipulation. We use techniques such as vibration, shaking, compression, broadening strokes, direct pressure, cross-fiber friction,  range of motion, and stretching to achieve this.

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

This type of massage caters to your body’s specific needs to get the best results while promoting relaxation, reducing inflammation, and increasing overall health. 


Cupping has been shown to increase blood flow to the areas where it is applied. It is often used in athlete recovery to help heal sore, tired muscles. It is also beneficial when applied to the muscles before athletic events. 

Maternity Massage and Postpartum Massage

Our licensed massage therapist, Dana, is Certified in maternity and postpartum massage. 

The pregnancy and postpartum period of a woman’s life can be very hard on the body. Maternity massage and postpartum massage is an excellent way to feel better. Both treatments utilize gentle range-of-motion and stretching to relieve pressure through the neck, shoulders, rib cage, lower back, and hips, promoting greater strength, flexibility, and balance. Some of the areas that maternity and postpartum massage addresses include:

  • Deep tissue work in the hip and gluteal area to help alleviate chronic lower back and hip pain
  • Abdominal massage for round ligament pain, to support digestion, increase circulation to the placenta and baby, and increase awareness of the baby. The baby will feel and benefit from the massage
  • Lymph drainage strokes to reduce pregnancy-induced edema
  • Cranial-sacral and polarity therapy for physical/psychological/emotional/spiritual centering
  • Acupressure and reflexology techniques, which are shown to be effective in treating many common pregnancy-related complaints

Medical massage Add-ons

Pain management Massage

Additional $20

Ideal for addressing joint pain, headache, and extremely tight muscles.

In this treatment, your muscles are prepped by applying deep-heating hydrocollator packs to the areas we will work on. Following the massage, your muscles are cooled with Biofreeze. Applying heat and cold therapy acts as an anesthetic and analgesic, reducing pain and inflammation while loosening joints to increase your range of motion.

CBD Treatment

Additional $10 per area or $30 entire body

Consider adding CBD to your massage to reduce pain further, improve blood pressure, alleviate inflammation, improve the health and appearance of your skin, and aid in muscle recovery. 


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