Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Many people experience damage to their rotator cuffs during sports like basketball, tennis, baseball, and swimming — all of which rely heavily on the shoulder to raise the arm overhead. When comparing outcomes of partial rotator cuff Injury with surgery and physical therapy, physical therapy is the clear winner.  If you have torn or injured your rotator cuff in one of these sports or for any other reason, the team of physical therapists at McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy in Philadelphia, PA, can help. Read on to learn more about rotator cuff physical therapy.

Rotator Cuff Injury Physical Therapy

Rotator cuff injuries are serious and painful. You need a physical therapist who understands the intricacies of the body. At McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy, we can help you restore your shoulder to its original state. We will give you exercises to help you begin to slowly regain your shoulder’s range of motion and strength.

One danger when it comes to rotator cuff injuries is overusing your shoulder before it can heal fully. This can significantly lengthen the healing process or cause further injuries.  Rotator cuff injury rehab can be tricky; sometimes, the shoulder needs to be pushed, and sometimes it needs to be pampered.  Rely on the McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy team to provide you with the exercises and hands-on care you need to heal your shoulder without causing further injury.

Our Other Physical Therapy Services

Besides physical therapy for rotator cuff injuries, we also offer solutions for neck, head, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, back, core, hip, thigh, knee, ankle, and foot pain. No matter what part of your body is injured or hurting, rely on the team at McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy to help you. We can also help with post-surgical rehab, CrossFit injuries, ACL rehab, core strengthening, and more.

Contact McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy in Philadelphia, PA, today to learn more about our rotator cuff physical therapy and other services. Give us a call today at (267) 332-8102. We look forward to helping you get back to your daily life activities as soon as possible.