There are lots of problems that can occur at the Knee. I only outline a few below. If you have a question about a particular problem, please call us 267-332-8102. We are Philadelphia’s premier physical therapy clinic to answer your orthopedic and sports questions.




ACL Reconstruction (and other knee ligament reconstructions)
Day 1: You will be placed in a long leg splint or brace to keep the leg straight, and sent home.

Week 2: You will be referred to Physical Therapy.

Week 4-6: By this time, you will have lost the long leg brace, and will no longer need crutches to get around. This may have happened much sooner, too.

Week 12: Generally this is around the time where you can begin straight plane agilities, basic plyometrics and light running, if you meet certain criteria.

Week 16: If you meet the criteria, you will begin multilane agility training and more complex plyometric training.

6mo: If everything is going to plan and there are minimal hiccups, this is the earliest you will be cleared for a return-to-sport progression (I DID NOT SAY return to sport…I said, and I want to emphasize “progression.”  Ideally this occurs before your preseason, so you have time to work up to your preseason training loads.

9-12mo. You may expect to be in game ready condition between these months.