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Coaches, Parents and Pitchers: A paradigm shift is quietly occurring in baseball pitching around the world; Be one of the first to learn from Dr. Chris McKenzie how to:

-Reduce your chance of shoulder and elbow pitching injuries by 70%.

-Naturally gain 3 mph in 2 weeks (with only 30 minutes/day of correct working out)

-Never EVER feel sore after pitching.

-Massively increase forearm strength to spin your ball tighter and increase velocity.

-Learn the real reason why long toss can work but why it shouldn’t be your main go-to arm strengthening drill.

-How you can get 3x the benefit of long tossing…without long tossing.

Don’t kid yourself, you know how prevalent pitching injuries are. Pitch counts are important, but they are NOT the end all be all. There is a new breed of pitchers that are preparing themselves better than pitchers of today. Because of this, injury rates are decreasing, and dreams are being fulfilled–both for player and parent/coach alike.

Don’t miss this great, content filled Webinar THURSDAY Novermber 1st 2012 on the next generation of strength training for baseball pitchers. This is the only complete package for strength training pitchers that you will ever need for yourself, your son, or your players.

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