Paul Reddick Baseball on Dr Chris McKenzie
Paul Reddick Baseball on Dr Chris McKenzie

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I first heard Paul on a non-baseball related podcast.  I was impressed with what he was saying from a motivational standpoint, and the tactics he used to create this motivation; both in business and for those that he mentored in baseball.  I liked Paul’s intensity, and his passion–and I think I like him even more now after this interview.

Paul had already been making baseball performance products when I was first dipping my toes into the info. product market (I was doing lots of research myself for my Arm Care/Recovery program).  His programs didn’t seem flashy or all too hard to understand…much different from every thing else I was reading.  And after talking to him recently, he wants his programs to be simple to understand, and simple to use.  Duh, right!?

What I liked all those years ago, when I bought one of his programs for my research, was his “Queen Bee” theory.  Basically, if you want to fix a problem, you have to need to tackle it from the root.  If you want to change the mechanics of a baseball pitcher you, you change how he/she gets into that faulty position to begin with. If you want to move the beehive that’s above your front door, you don’t kill or swat the worker bees, you need to get to the Queen bee.

Paul is the real deal.  He’s a self taught coach (for the past 20+ years), un-biased by the very system that he’s trying to change– one player, one dad, and one coach at a time.  Paul cares deeply about the well being of the baseball player and is a master when it comes down to uncovering motivation behind WHY and HOW the baseball player performs the way they do. He uncovers this with a system he calls The 5-6-7 Pitcher.

In this episode we get into:

  • The 567 Pitcher…. learn arguably the most important sticking points in your relationship with your son/daughter/players, that once resolved, offers limitless performance benefits (for both of you!)
  • Why the 1st sign of injury is loss of pitch command…and a decrease in velocity.
  • Why you don’t really understand pitch counts, and why they don’t make sense for everyone…er…anyone!
  • Why a whole team approach (players, coaches AND parents) is needed to keep the pitcher healthy.
  • If you know how to properly lift weights, you should know when to pull-the-plug on your pitchers to save their arm.
  • and much, much more!  Listen below!

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567 Pitcher with Dr Chris McKenzie
567 Pitcher with Dr Chris McKenzie

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