Quality At Bats
This man is on a mission to change youth baseball, so baseball itself will be changed. Meet, Steve Springer–“The RUDY of baseball.”  The only reason he made his high school baseball team was because his brother was a star;  he was  4′ 11″ and weighed 90lbs.  He had 3 At-bats the whole year, and spent most of his time coaching first base. As a senior in high school he got his position taken over by a sophomore.  Fast forward a bunch of years and he made it to the BIG leagues.  In this episode, learn:

  • What Steve changed within himself to make that jump
  • Learn how to get your “confident-half” to show up 100% of the time
  • Learn how to work towards an attainable goal
  • Why the batting average is “the devil”
  • How to really define “Success” in baseball
  • Why a lot of coaches are destroying youth baseball
  • and much, much more.



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