Elbow Pain Webinar Series
About 2 months ago I ran a Live, paid webinar series on Pitching Elbow Pain:

“How to Prevent Elbow Injury, relieve your pitching elbow pain, unlock your true potential, and dominate the game of baseball pitching.”

This Live series was exclusive for Brent Pourciau and his 3X Pitching followers. Brent is a great guy with a passion to help players overcome “hurdles” and perform beyond their expectations. It’s safe to say our passions are one-in-the-same.

This 4 part series spanned over 4 weeks and was packed to the gills with real, actionable content that really any baseball player could use to protect his elbow.

In just Part 1 of this exclusive Webinar Series I covered:

  1. The 3 exercises and strategies you need to start today to ensure arm health, and college/pro offers this season.
  2. Why you’re a ticking time bomb if you’ve had pitching elbow pain before and how you can prevent it from happening again.
  3. How to guarantee you never have a serious elbow injury that ends your baseball career.
  4. How to prepare for pitching BETTER than current big leaguers.


You can watch the first webinar, right now for FREE.   CLICK HERE.

In the remaining 3 parts of this series I covered:

elbow pain webinar series


  • Soft tissue techniques at the forearm, chest and Latissimus Dorsi.
  • Techniques to improve Shoulder External Rotation for more velocity
  • Answers to: Should you or should you not Ice your arm down?
  • And much, much more!

Here is some of the feedback I received after the series:

“I really liked how you incorporated videos into the presentation—was a great way for myself to remember the stretch/exercise. I also liked how you made sure to go over what was shown, instead of going on to the next subject. I got a ton of information from these webinars, and I just threw 2 innings on our road trip this past Tuesday.  My shoulder pain has been reduced and recovery time has been better since the supplementation.”  — Josh Brodersen, Pitcher, College of Scholastica

“The webinar series presented by Dr. McKenzie changed the way I train in preparation for games. The webinars gave me new techniques and drills that allow me to make sure I am ready to compete when I get on the mound. I was able to improve my arm health while still gaining velocity.   I would definitely recommend this series to any pitcher looking to improve himself without compromising his arm health.”  — Bryce Davis, Pitcher, St. Edwards University

As a Summer gift, I’m going to re-open this page and allow you to view the First Webinar for Free.  On that page you’ll see how you can sign up to view all of these webinars. Since  you won’t have access to any of the bonuses, I have reduced the admission price.

Click Here to access the Pitching Elbow Pain Webinar Series, and watch the first webinar for free.