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Part 2: Getting in the zone–Mental Skills Training for Enhanced Baseball Performance

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This is a tremendous episode with Alan Jaeger. Alan discusses the importance of developing your process and getting into the zone. This is a longer episode, as was the former, so I’m not gonna delay your listening enjoyment! In this episode we cover:

  • How exactly to tap into the magical powers found, and get immersed in “the ZONE”
  • How to shut out the external world so you can focus on your process.
  • Find YOUR process no matter if you are a pitcher, fielder or any other sport athlete.
  • How to push “the clouds” of distraction out of your way and get into FLOW.
  • Listen to Alan describe his process as a baseball player, hear him help me with my process so you can develop your own process.
  • How to prepare yourself to get rid of the common factors that inhibit you from reaching flow.
  • How to detach yourself from outcome, as the player or the coach.
  • And much more!


Click Here! to Get Alan’s book on Mental Skills Training, pick up some fancy “J-bands” and perfect your Long Tossing.


Interested in the science of getting into Flow? Pick up Steven Kotler’s book, “The Rise of Superman.”


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Have you gotten into flow yet?  Tell me your greatest flow story!  I was 12, playing local basketball…I couldn’t miss a shot. I literally pulled up just across half-court and drained shots over and over–I was unstoppable.  If you haven’t reached flow lately, what do you think is blocking you the most? Leave a comment.