Kyle Boddy on the Sliding Home Podcast
Kyle Boddy on the Sliding Home Podcast

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Great Episode with Kyle Boddy! It’s gets a little technical, but one thing is for sure: WE DON’T FULLY UNDERSTAND WHY VELOCITY IMPROVEMENT HAPPENS.  Kyle is more of a biomechanist for baseball players–pitchers more specifically.  The days of “you need to do more X, Y, Z” are still here, but the scientific rationale behind “that,” is what Kyle and his team is after. He is one of the pioneers in the baseball industry, methodically pushing the limits of what may be thought of risky; trying to find answers to YOUR questions.  In this episode we discuss:

  • What the driveline in throwing actually is
  • What Kyle’s weighted baseball program looks like
  • Why some people dislike weighted ball training
  • How you can still throw hard with poor layback/late cocking external rotation
  • The difference between rotational and linear velocity and how to train for maximum velocity
  • and much more!

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