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Dan’s stuff works. Period.

Dan Hennigan Titty Bombs

It was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the time I was slated to meet Dan Hennigan for the first time.  I was treating patients in my office and this kid walked in, following Chris Kurtz (our strength coach and co-owner at CK Performance). Chris often brings in new guys for me to examine.  Chris and this kid made some small talk with one of my patients fathers. About 5min later I made my way to my desk to write down a few notes of the person I was working with.  It was about 4:15pm and Kurtzy made his way to the door and left the room. “Ok,” I thought, “Kurtz is leaving to meet the new hitting instructor.” I was done my notes, so I followed after him out the door. I called out to Chris, “Hey–when is the new hitting instructor getting here? “


“Oh,” Kurtz said. “That’s Dan in there.”


“That short guy?” visibly confused. “That small kid who looks like he is 16?, Really?”


Kurtz, smiling and laughing, “Yup, that’s him! I’ll introduce you.”


I am not a judgmental person, or at least I try hard not to be 🙂 And I want this to serve a lesson for you as well. Just because you are small guy, doesn’t mean you can’t hit for power. Everyone can and should hit for power.  Dan Hennigan is a MiLB player, playing in the Atlantic League against many professionals you still hear today.  These former MLB stars may be here rehabbing from injury, among many other reasons.


Dan is having amazing success with our hitters at CKP. What is special about Dan is that he looks at hitting from a biomechanical perspective–this was right up our alley at CK Performance and McKenzie Sports Therapy—Really looking at the angles that were made during the swing for maximum power output and ball flight. Want to improve your swing? Want to hit the ball hard? Want to bridge the gap between what you already know and hitting even better, or making proper contact at all?–Dan Hennigan is your man.


In this episode we cover:

  • The ONE question you, as a player, need to ask your coach–any coach (coaches pay attention).
  • How to create massive amounts of back spin on the ball.
  • The step-by-step process to swing on plane with the ball and ‘cut-out’ the chop down/squish the bug training you’ve had all these years.
  • What are angles and lasers and how they help bridge the gap from the old days of hitting, to the new days of hitting.
  • Why the information Dan teaches, is NOT NEW if you watch every great hitter including Babe Ruth!
  • How to identify different pitch types.
  • How to get your legs into your swing.
  • What muscles you may be weak in or tight in that is not allowing you to keep your arms in during a swing.
  • How to do research on your pitchers so you can win the hitting- chess match.
  • And much more!


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What has been your experience with hitting instruction? Are you squishing the bug, and grounding out in the infield most of the time? Leave a message below and tell me what you’re going to do to change it!