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This is a 2-part show.

Jerry Weinstein is a graduate of UCLA where he played for ABCA Hall of Fame coach Art Reichle. He received his BA, MS and teaching credential at UCLA where he also spent 2 years coaching the freshman team.

Jerry spent 23 years at Sacramento City College. There he compiled an 831-208 (.800) with 16 championships & 2 co-championships, 2 State Titles( 7 times a runner up), and a National Championship in 1998. Sac. City was voted the Community College program for the decade of the 90’s by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.

While at Sac. City Jerry’s Panthers produced 28 Major League players and had 213 players drafted. Jerry has been active in International baseball as both head and assistant coaches of many USA teams. He has spoken at clinics in Italy, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Germany.

In professional baseball Jerry has been the Brewers catching coordinator, managed for the Expos, Cubs, and for the Rockies in the California League. He also was catching coordinator for the Dodgers and later Director of Player Development for the Dodgers. Jerry is currently the Major League catching coach for the Colorado Rockies.

In this interview we discuss:  (ep1 = Episode 1,   ep.2 = Episode 2)

  • What physical and emotional characteristics are common of great catchers? (ep1)
  • What Jerry looks for when recruiting a catcher (ep1)
  • What “things” not commonly known to the public, or many coaches even, that is important for the catcher to practice (ep1)
  • Common catcher stances and how they can be used optimally (and POORLY)  in certain situations (ep1)
  • What night signals are and why Jerry would use these all the time. (ep1)
  • How to optimally block balls in the dirt for your best advantage.  (ep.1/ ep.2)
  • What can a catcher do to better receive the incoming pitch and get more strikes called. (ep.2)
  • How to slow down the Hot Hitter. (ep.2)
  • The kind of plan a catcher should have in place for the pitcher who is having control problems? (ep.2)
  • How hitters prepare now before a game regarding the speed of the game, and how should they prepare instead (this is awesome stuff!!!!)  (ep.2)
  • The most important skill for hitters to learn at any age. (ep.2)
  • How a catcher should go about knowing what a pitchers strengths are (ep.2)
  • The exact process to perform a “quality performance” by mimicking professional catchers (ep.2)

Part/Episode 1:


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