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Physical Therapy for Running-Related Injuries

Physical Therapy for Running-Related Injuries

As the weather gets warmer in Philadelphia, many runners are gearing up for road race season. Running is an excellent form of exercise, but it can also come with some common injuries. In this post, we will discuss some of the most common running-related injuries and why seeking physical therapy for any running-related pain is […]

Treat Tight Hamstrings to Protect Your Back, Knees 

In an age when so many in the U.S. spend the bulk of their days seated and/or sedentary, one of the more common muscle imbalance issues involves right hamstrings. And while simply having tight hamstrings isn’t a major health problem in and of itself, the long-term effects of hamstring tightness can manifest in other, sometimes […]

Dynamic Warm-Ups Reduce Injury, Improve Performance 

It’s generally understood by most that warming up before exercise or competition (i.e., that 5K fun run) is essential in performing your best while warding off potential injury.  What may not be universally understood, however, is what truly constitutes a proper warm-up regimen. Oftentimes, either people don’t truly appreciate the necessity of warming up, or they don’t […]

Youth Athletes who Play Multiple Sports are Healthier, Happier 

In an era of specialization in sports involving athletes of all ages, physical therapists join most medical experts in agreeing that young athletes generally remain mentally and physically healthier, achieve greater success, and learn to enjoy a lifetime of physical fitness when they opt to play multiple sports.  In contrast, allowing youths to specialize in a sport […]

Fitness Toolbox: Foam Rollers Aid in Relief, Recovery 

Walk into most fitness stores, athletic retailers or gyms, and you’ll see them selling different versions of colorful, cylindrical items of various sizes and thicknesses, all covered in firm, textured foam.  The items are called foam rollers, and according to physical therapists, there’s a reason why they’ve become such a popular item in the athletic […]

5 Holiday Giving Options Offering Healthful Returns

The Holiday Season is a time for giving, and that includes supporting causes and organizations that make our communities stronger.  It’s in this spirit that we share some holiday giving suggestions that offer a more healthful return than simply writing a check.  After all, as physical therapists, it’s our goal to improve lives and the community by helping people move better and live healthier, more active lives.  It’s based […]


When a demanding holiday season leaves you twisted in knots from the stresses of commitments, crowds, shopping and entertaining, mounds of research point to a simple solution to such anxiety: sweat away that stress by making exercise a part of your holiday routine.  Besides the obvious benefits of improving your physical condition and fighting disease, the Anxiety […]


For the majority of future mothers who experience mild to debilitating back pain during and after pregnancy, the physical therapist offers some encouraging news:  Education and exercise therapy have proven effective in reducing back pain for most expecting mothers.  According to a study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, a physical therapist-directed exercise regimen that focuses on the muscles around the spine and pelvic floor – a program […]

Tips for Selecting the Right Pair Running Shoes

How many miles can you log on a typical, well-made pair of running shoes? According to experts including physical therapists, the usual estimates place the mileage somewhere between 350 to 550 miles.  That’s assuming you found a good pair of running shoes – a pair that’s been properly fitted to your feet and to your runny style.  […]

Improving Mobility Can Eliminate Chronic Pain and Injuries

Chronic pain and injuries are common ailments that make it difficult for individuals to fully enjoy everyday activities. Many individuals either suffer through the pain or avoid activity because they believe there is no solution, but working with a physical therapist can help them manage current injuries as well as prevent them in the future. […]