The Mental Side of Hitting

Quality At Bats This man is on a mission to change youth baseball, so baseball itself will be changed. Meet, Steve Springer--"The RUDY of baseball."  The only reason he made his high school baseball team was because his brother was a star;  he was  4' 11" and weighed 90lbs.  He had 3 At-bats the whole year, and spent most of his time coaching first base. As a senior in high school he got his position taken over by a sophomore.  Fast forward a bunch of years and he made it to the BIG leagues.  In this episode, learn:

  • What Steve changed within himself to make that jump
  • Learn how to get your "confident-half" to show up 100% of the time
  • Learn how to work towards an attainable goal
  • Why the batting average is "the devil"
  • How to really define "Success" in baseball
  • Why a lot of coaches are destroying youth baseball
  • and much, much more.



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