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Ladies and Gents, meet Lantz Wheeler–a hard working, gentle, yet straight shooting pitching coach based in Nashville, TN.  Lantz has worked his way up the ranks from a high school pitching coach to St. Catharine College, Lipscomb University & the University of Louisiana Monroe.  In addition to the 45 teams that use his approach to pitching instruction, Lantz teaches and trains over 20 professional pitchers, 11 of which (and growing!) you can find on MLB mounds.  I feel so honored to have interviewed Lantz for the show–he is all class, and genuine.

In this episode Lantz covers:

  • The relationship between creating momentum, center of mass, and longer strides and how doing this correctly increases velocity and correct arm action.
  • How important deceleration of the hips and Center of Mass are in pitching injury prevention.
  • Why and HOW you can still be an effectively dominant pitcher throwing at lower velocities.
  • Lantz’s thoughts on weighted balls for velocity improvement.
  • How you can develop your own feel as a pitcher and make perfect in-game adjustments when you’re struggling on the mound.
  • The #1 flaw you see in youth pitchers, college and pro pitchers.
  • and so much more!

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