Jim Davidson Baseball Deceleration Training
Jim Davidson Baseball Deceleration Training

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Jim Davidson is the pitching coordinator and pitching coach at CK Performance.  Jim developed a love for pitching watching his son grow up, who is now at a ripe age for being recruited for college and the pros. Jim has a passion for teaching, and teaching the right stuff.

His self driven motor in unmatchable by any other.  Jim is on a quest to find out exactly HOW and WHY pitchers throw fast.  Inside CK Performance, Jim has been testing and tweaking all sorts of things; from weighted baseball training, plyometrics, heavy weight lifting, connection balls, etc. to find out what combination of “factors” creates the highest velocity pitchers.

In today’s episode, in impromptu fashion, Jim and I discuss the importance of deceleration in baseball throwing; and how training with eccentric contractions on **specific** parts of the body will help prevent significant injuries like SLAP tears and the like.  Enjoy!

This was posted late because all spots were filled for the Upcoming “Gas Station” pitcher training. If you are interested in learning more about the Gas Station at CK Performance, and when it will be open for enrollment again, please click below, and let me know!

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