How to become a great hitter with Mark Brooks of
Mark Brooks might have a story like you; maybe not the best on his team, fought through injuries and baseball politics….worked *extremely* hard, acquiring a $60,000/yr scholarship, allowing him to transfer from a junior college to a Division 1 college, and batting against the likes of Stephen Strassburg in championship form.   In this episode you’re going to learn:


  • Why finding your biggest baseball strength, and turning it into an absolute weapon will help you get recruited.
  • The how-to of hitting for power.
  • Why the more you fail, the more the confident you will become.
  • Irregardless of physical talent, why the more “GRIT “and mental toughness you have the better ball player you will be. Take the GRIT test here.
  • Learn Mark’s 4 philosophies of hitting to break through your hitting dysfunctions.
  • And much, much more.
  • ...try not to mind my stuttering, the dog barks and the firetrucks 🙂



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