Alan Jaeger Sports Long Toss

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Part 1: Long Toss and Arm Care

Looking for the mental and mind set episode?   Listen Here!

This was an amazing episode to be a part of!  I respect Alan Jaeger and what he is doing for the baseball community.  He is trying to change it for the better, and that’s what the Sliding Home Podcast is about.  In this episode we dive into:

  • How long toss became a staple in Alan’s arm care routine
  • How to properly long toss, and use “pull downs” to complete your arm care.
  • Why you should focus more so on workload and reps, opposed to distance.
  • Why the more well conditioned and stronger your arm is, the more you have to lose if you choose the wrong school/program
  • How long toss correlates to improved pitching mechaincs
  • Why the 2nd day after you throw should be your most “sore” day; and if it’s not, what you might be doing wrong.
  • Learn what “Listening to your arm” actually means.
  • And so much more!



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What has been your experience with Long Toss? Do you use it?   Yes, No?   With either answer, please tell me why in the comment section below.  I am curious to hear your take on the subject!