Get the 567 Dad book (baseball edition) for FREE!

I pride myself on building a strong foundation in the baseball player/pitcher so they can reach their full potential in velocity programs, strength and conditioning programs…and thus, on the baseball diamond.

Paul Reddick cares about this too, but he’s achieving it from a different point of view. Paul is getting the full potential out of baseball players from helping the father and son communicate better (this can also apply to mother and son, father and daughter, and every coach).

Think you communicate well enough? Do you know your son’s 5-6-7?; the deep seeded motivation behind all of his actions.

Better still, do you know your 5-6-7? How about your 5-6-7 for your baseball goals for your son?

Have you missed your ‘moment’ with your son? Maybe you’re missing it right now, or you’re afraid you’ll miss it when the time comes? Not sure what ‘moment’ that is?

That moment is the connection and relationship bond you share with your son (or daughter). Paul shows you how to make this connection, and how to never miss a moment (or get that moment back) in his new book the ‘567 Dad.’

In this podcast episode, Paul and I discuss his new book the ‘567 Dad‘ which gives you a taste for why we wrote the book, his relationship with his dad, and how you can best connect with your baseball player no matter their age.


Paul is giving his book away for free, plus a whole host of bonuses (including his personal cell # and $20 to spend on any of his other programs)!!


Because that’s how much Paul cares about saving your relationship with your son, daughter and whole family.  You’d be crazy not to take him up on this offer–a 100% complete no brainer. So, check out the 567 Dad Book page and get yourself a copy.

Here’s my quick review, urge for you to get your copy:

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