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There a lots of problems that can occur at the head and neck. I only outline a few below. If you have a question about a particular problem, please call us 267-332-8102. We are Philadelphia’s premier physical therapy clinic to answer your orthopedic and sports questions.

Concussions are a serious medical condition which are finally getting the attention they deserve. Concussions must be managed from the get-go when they happen on the field. Depending on the athlete’s symptoms, they may not be able to return to play that game or in the same week, or season! The student-athlete will need to be evaluated by a physician and guided physical treatment will be carried out by an athletic trainer or sports physical therapist. The student-athlete may also be given academic waivers to delay or soften academic demands.  Below is a PDF created by a current Drexel University Sports Medicine Physician which outlines the steps/stages of treatment. If you were referred to physical therapy to help you through a concussion, we can help. Please call 267-332-8102 or contact us to schedule an appointment.

Neck Muscle Strains:

Neck Herniated Discs:

Neck Arthritis and Stenosis:


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