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Single Leg Squat

Perform 3 sets of 10 reps, 1x/day

Form is critical on this exercise.

Use a mirror to help with your form.

Band Row with External Rotation (ER)

Perform 2x15reps , 1x/day.

Scapular Plank holds

Start with a goal of 3x30sec holds,  1x/day.

Progress up to 1-2min holds. 


Band External Rotation (ER)

2x15reps, 1x/day

Use towel roll/sweatshirt/pillow to slightly prop arm away from body.

Set shoulder blade to the back. Don't shrug or depress the shoulder.

Band anchored at waist level.


3x15reps, 1x/day

Fence Latissimus (Lat) Dorsi Stretch

3x30sec, 2-3x/day

Can also use the top of a door frame, the side of a squat rack or anything to 'hang' from over-head, like pull up bar, or Lat Pull down machine bar.

Fence Pec Minor Stretch

3x30sec 2-3x/day

Can also use a door frame

Unilateral 'W' Stretch

3x30sec, 2-3x/day

Sleeper & Cross Body Stretches

3x30sec, 2-3x/day

You will 'max-out' the Cross Body Stretch very quickly, and you won't feel a stretch anymore. When that happens, keep up with the Sleeper Stretch or do the Sleeper Progression during the Cross Body movement.'ve had a miniature baseball performance exam, and some of your exercises are listed above.  But, you haven't yet unlocked the full potential of your body.

You also may still be at risk of throwing injury. This is especially important for the baseball pitcher, but should not be neglected by the position player. 

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