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The term “Sports Hernia” is a junk term that can mean a lot of ’stuff.’

What is a sports hernia, then?:  A sports hernia is ANY muscular strain (or tear) of the abdominal wall or its deeper structures which run from the core/trunk to the legs; such as your hip flexors (Iliopsoas) and groin muscles (hip Adductors).

Why do these injuries happen?:  This is perhaps the biggest eye-opener……you have weak and very poor control of your core muscles unless they have been specifically trained with a stepwise protocol.  How do I know?  The most in-shape of athletes tell me their cores’ are strong, and I test them, and they are not.

How do you prevent these injuries from occurring?: A stepwise core strengthening and neuromuscular control program, and an eccentric and plyometric program of the lower extremities in a sport specific way.


Tired of waiting for your pain to get better?

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